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Stressing myself to Death

I live with stress every day. I've been in therapy about it for the last year. The best thing the therapist has said that helps me most is to focus on the things that I can control that are stressing...
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My struggle with balance

I had such a hard time with my work-life balance that I felt it necessary to seek counseling. It was the best thing I could have ever done for myself. It was a breath of fresh air and brought some...
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Don’t Let Anger get the BEST of YOU…..

I have had an anger problem for all my life and I have struggled to manage my anger. I yell, scream, throw things, and downright get childish at times. While working with my therapist on an unrelated issue she mentioned...
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Let it Pass

My therapist gave me some great advice when I was struggling with panic attacks and extreme anxiety. She told me to find the nearest seat that I could find. But to distract my brain she told me to make it...
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Haters are gonna Hate-But God still Loves them 2

The best advice my therapist ever gave me is to love myself so much that those haters won't bother to hate on me....LOL
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Own your stuff

The best advice my therapist ever gave me was to own my stuff. I have been addicted to heroin for over 12 years, and hit rock bottom 7 years ago...since then it has always been someone else's fault and reason...
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