Own your stuff

The best advice my therapist ever gave me was to own my stuff. I have been addicted to heroin for over 12 years, and hit rock bottom 7 years ago…since then it has always been someone else’s fault and reason for me to lean on my best friend and lover Heroin. You see Heroin loves me is what I told myself. He treats me right until he doesn’t. He is there for me until he isn’t. He has provided for me until he hasn’t. Lies…lies, and more lies, of which I never wanted to own. I finally started to take my therapy seriously after going in and out of rehab. I found a really good therapist and she told me. “I can tell you what you want to hear or I can tell you the truth…which one do you prefer?” I asked her to me the truth….and she said, “It’s time for you to start telling your drug addiction story by owning your stuff (acknowledging I am here because I allowed a substance to start making decisions for me), and everything else comes after that. From that moment on…she encouraged me to start telling my story about every wrong step I took, so I would learn to OWN MY STUFF…no more blaming my past trauma, parents, society, what I didn’t get as a child, my abuse, my lack of anything…it’s all about my choices and taking myself back. I now OWN IT! Real stuff!

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