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My Best Advice Ever

What's the best advice that your therapist ever gave
you that made you feel like, You're "OK"?

This site provides the opportunity to share your story of how you overcame your deepest, hardest, struggle with a little advice from your therapist.

Select a category/topic that best represents the story you want to tell.

Category of Advice



Abuse of prescriptions/recreational/over-the-counter drug use without medical justification.



Domestic violence

Work Place Issues




Work/Life Balance




More Categories


Anger Management

Coping Skills

Childhood Trauma


Emotion Regulation

Mental Health Condition


People Pleasing

Relationship Challenges


Suicide ideations






Recent User Stories

What advice your therapist gave you that changed how you manage your life.

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Tell your story

What advice your therapist gave you that changed how you manage your life. Speak in your
own words and help someone else, dealing with the same issue manage and get through,
just like you did.

Do you find yourself currently in need of therapy? At any given moment, we all may find ourselves in need of a professional to help us sort some issues out.

"Strong minds, need strong words to build strong concepts"

About US

Dr. Yancey is working on her up-and-coming book, My Best Advice Ever, where she addresses an amalgamation of advice from individuals she has encountered throughout her many years as a psychotherapist. The book looks at various compartments of mental health and a variety of challenges that arise in a multitude of ways. 
My Best Advice Ever looks to meet the task of resolving some challenges, both big and small. This book can guide individuals like an at-home therapist. Although it does not replace getting a professional working on every complexity of every issue, it can be an assistant on call. The book looks to have a peer-to-peer appeal with professional support guiding the process. All the stories will come from individuals at some point in their life that struggled with a situation that led them to reach out to a professional mental health therapist. 
My Best Advice Ever is all about sharing the experiences that changed their lives for the better and put them on a more transparent, healthier, happier path. Read their stories and see if that advice will now be your BEST ADVISE EVER!


All stories will be scrubbed for names and appropriate language. No names will be permitted into any story including the name of therapist., location of treatment facilities, or persons who may have violated the writer. This site is anonymous in every way.
Yes, please read the terms and conditions of the site. In the terms and conditions you agree to allow us to post your story and publish it in future publications, but we will not own the rights to your story. Various stories will be used for publication with signed agreement for republication.
No, since this site is strictly anonymous….we will have no way to notify any participant.
There is no limit on the number of stories you can post.

Yes, via this site you will be redirected to another site if you are interested in mental health service. www.avirtualpeaceofmind.com

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