Let it Pass

My therapist gave me some great advice when I was struggling with panic attacks and extreme anxiety. She told me to find the nearest seat that I could find. But to distract my brain she told me to make it a game….”When you first feel it coming on you like a wind in your face or like a rush of emotions, that the gun going off like in the Olympic competitive sports game.” My first objective was to find a place to rest (to sit). I was then tasked to just tell myself the truth…..It is a panic attack, something which I can’t control therefore don’t try to. My next task was to wait it out for a count of 45 seconds, and yes…I was to count to 45…… backward. By the time I got to 1, it was all over, I’m coming down…the emotions that started in my head is now at my feet and leaving my body. I can pick myself up and resume the normal course of my day. I thank my therapist every time we meet for this advice, as it has worked for me every time…. except for the count down part which can be repeated, if I don’t feel relaxed enough by the time I am at 1. Love this site. Thanks for allowing me to share.

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